Saturday, October 24, 2009

A week of busy school...studying the sun, and all the other fun things we do...

This week was jam packed.

Monday-School picture day, quiet reading and Astronomy.

Tuesday- Pumpkin Patch, quiet reading on the way home.

Eating lunch with home school friends.

Wednesday- Workboxes (see what's in our workboxes), Quiet Reading, and finished up astronomy.
Thursday- Workboxes, Notebooking Astronomy.
Friday-Co-op Day. We reviewed our Astronomy chapter-"The Sun". We made a pinhole box for viewing the sun, sponge painted a sun to put in our notebook, and did a visual representation of a solar eclipse. We also studied Giatto, the artist. My dear friend led this. She had them do a creative painting using his techniques. They painted on plaster to cardboard, then penciled in a design they wanted to draw followed by painting it with water colors. We then had lunch. After a fun play break and Mommy talk, we started back with ASL. We've been learning praise songs. We reviewed "I am a friend of God" and continued our work on Kari Jobe's "Revelation song". They did really well. After this, each of the girls had their piano lesson.

Learning about Giotti.

Our painting master pieces!

It was a busy but productive week.

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