Friday, January 30, 2009

Asian Elephants

Mikayla's Elephant

Hannah's Elephant

During our study of India, we talked about Asian Elephants. These are the girls drawings of an Elephant using Crayola oil pastels. We used the Draw.Write.Now books to help us with step by step instructions of drawing the elephant. Then they used their imaginations in coloring in the rest.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hannah ask Jesus in her heart!

So I said nothing major could I totally forget the most amazing thing that happened last week. My dear almost eight year old...asked our sweet Jesus into her heart! I am thrilled. This has been a long time the spirit has been working and we are so excited to see her life changing as she follows Christ. Chad led her in prayer as Mikayla and I sat at the table praying with her. I just pray God will keep His mighty protective hand on her all the days of her life and that we will humbly guide her into the woman of God that she has always been meant to become. It is so very exciting to see your children have their spiritual birth before your very eyes. How awesome!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We are plodding along...

Nothing major exciting happening these last few weeks. We have been plodding along in our homeschool journey. Still hectic as ever trying to fit it all in. I have been trying to figure out the best way to squeeze the gym in to our already busy schedule. Its just so hard! We are finishing up our study on India. The girls have been learning about the state capital, some animals, the religion and culture there. We have managed to get a few science lessons in as well studying light and dark, shadows, and light reflection and refraction.

Today the girls practiced drawing an elephant since that was one of the main aniamals we study in India. They did pretty well. They have also been practicing their piano more, too.

The day gets sucked up before we know it.

I have been trying to look ahead to new curriculumn and see what we will keep that has worked for us this year. Its a lot to balance, but God has been good in it!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

To to School we go!

Well, we took three weeks off! Ah, Home School! We can pick our vacation days!!!! I decided that since the two weeks we took off for Christmas were so jam packed with Holiday events, we just needed some down time and I needed to plan what we are doing next!

We have been reading a little bit and doing somethings here and there like beginning a science curriculum.

I have begun reading them The Tale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread. I saw the advertisement on TV that the movie was coming out and thought that maybe I could read it to them and they could see the difference between a well written book and a movie of the book. We shall see. I really love Kate Dicamillo. She wrote because of Winn Dixie and several other great books! We are reading it at night before they go to bed.

Our next geography study will be in India. I have spent several days this past week getting everything we need to begin. I planned to begin it this coming week but then realized the girls are going to be super busy with their co-ops and new play practice that they will be in this spring. So, we will begin that the week after next.

My plan is to get the rest of our schooling started though...back to the grindstone.

I have been trying to weigh the curriculumn that we are using now, to start planning for next year. Trying to figure out what is working and what is not is a huge struggle. In some ways, I feel like I am holding Hannah back, so I will hopefully be able to give her some more challenging things to do this spring and summer.

You know...I love's been hard with everything we've had to endure this last year, but I know it's worth it. I have an awesome homeschool group that I am involved with that is so supportive. I have been blessed with great friends who are on this journey with me and I am so thankful.

Chad and I have had our own struggles trying to make this all work, but we have found some common ground and are committed to being role models for our children. We want the best for them in every way possible, so to that end we are fixing things that need fixing and changing things that need changing and just trying our best to love each other through it all. God has had His hand on us and I am very humbled that He keeps us in His care always.

So...on to the next half of the school year! Hope you enjoy the ride with us!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

The holidays seemed to fly by and as always I am a little sad to see them go...but even more excited to get back to regular routine stuff...I like routine...and what's predictable...except every now and then!

Even though this Christmas seemed a little empty with the losses we've endured this year we were so blessed and had a great time this year. The girls got DS's this year and have been having a ball on truly is as a friend told me...a gift that gives all year...I've even been playin on them! We can check out games from the library so that will be good so that we can try them out to see if the girls like them or not.

Chad's parents came up and shared Christmas with us. We had a great time just hanging out and playing. They gave us a Wii and that has been a hoot. We have had the whole family involved! The games are sooo expensive so we will have to save up for those...but fortunatly we can borrow those from the library as well.

My sister, brother-n-law, niece and grandmother came up after Christmas and we had a great time. I so miss my sister and her little girl. We all have been a little sick so that put somewhat of a damper on our time...but we had a great time. We played the Wii so much....Chad and Zach kept competing in the Fitness Challenge to see who could get the youngest that kind of competition.

I went back to the gym Friday after not going since right before Christmas...I missed it! I really need to get back there faithfully and get in gear. I am sure that it will be packed in January with all the New Year's resolutions...hopefully most will stick it out the full year!

Today,we put up our final boxes of Christmas decorations and it felt so good to have the house de-cluttered again. We even worked on straightening our garage a just feels good to have some organization!

Autumn has been so much fun this Christmas. She literally plays with all the toys she recieved for Christmas. The girls weren't so much like that when they were her age. She loves the tunnel Aunt Courtney bought and the ball popper from Nana and Pappy, and the piggy bank from Granny...She was really into the FP Little people barn too. I spread the toys out around the house so she didn't get so overwhelmed with it all...they are just too spoiled!

I am including some pictures of when my sister was here last week!