Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The homeschool Caddy

After many months trying to figure out how I could make one of these...and looking at them at Hobby Lobby for $25.00, I realized...I had a gold mine in the garage: empty formula cans. So we set to work!

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step 4-Screw them all together

This was defineitly an afternoon activity that I needed hubby's help with....but so worth it!

Finished product:

I found this lazy susan I had from Tupperware and it sits on there perfectly! Now we can take it on and off the table as we need it.

Workboxes and Schedule strips

So my dear friend introduced me again to workboxes. I read about this when we first started homeschooling but it seemed so overwhelming that I quickly forgot about it.

When she sent me an email about it this time though...I was all over it. I love to be organized....doesn't always happen...but when I can find away to make it doable-I do.

So here are some pictures. I was able to make these in one night. The schedule strip was a more invasive project for me with lots of cutting of circles. So wishing I had a circle cutter after cutting all those buttons out.

There are a lot of great blogs out there with more information on this if you are interested!

Color Me Orange

Heather Preckel


A modified workbox approach-like mine

Ruby Slippers-mine is set up almost identical to this.

Homeschool Share's Workbox section-this is growing!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What we've been up to these last few weeks!

I can't believe I haven't posted since May 21st. You'd think we had a few things going on...smile! We took a few weeks off, we've had too much going on between Summer Camp, visitors (had so much fun) on two different weekends, dentist appointments, VBS and just life. We started back June 1st then had to take off the very next week for VBS. The girls had a BLAST! So this week we are back on.

We are taking a break from Galloping the Globe this summer to do A child's geography...which sounds redundant but its not. A Child's Geography is more a study of Earth science. We are doing it as a co-op with my friend. We did our first week and love it. It is very Charlotte Mason"y" which I am really beginning to love. We are doing some narrating and copy work with it.

We made little Globes out of clear Christmas balls by painting the inside of the ornament blue then painting the outside green in the shapes of the ornaments. Also, they drew little globes on Shrinky Dink and we baked them then put earth colored seed beads on a stretchy necklace with our little earth picture. They turned out cute!

In chapter one, we have learned that the earth is in the shape of a sphere which in Latin means "ball". And because we are writing about the earth, we are called geographers. We also learned that our earth weighs the same as 1100 million, million, million elephants (or you could say 6 trillion, trillion kilograms...smile)

The girls also did some copy work of scriptures in their notebooks and made a "Post Card" which they will do with each chapter, writing a few things they remember about what we've talked about.

For summer we are continuing our CLE Lang Arts, Math and Reading. I have also assigned the girls summer reading books that they are working through.

This is what they are reading:
The * just means we have this at home and don't have to check it out of the library.

*Encyclopedia Brown

Homer Price

The Railway

*Charlotte’s Web

Alice in Wonderland

*Stuart Little

*Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

*Misty of Chincoteague

Pompeii Buried Alive

Mary Poppins

Twenty-One Balloons

*Betsy & Tacy

Keep the Lights Burning, Abby


*The Flying Fingers Club


The Egg

A New Coat for Anna

The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Magic Fish


Mr. Putter & Tabby

Amelia Bedelia

The Story about Ping

Henry and Mudge

Nate the Great

A big ball of string

A fly went by

Greg’s Microscope

*If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Ruby Bridges

*Rosa Parks

*Martin Luther King

*One Fish, Two Fish

*If you give a pig a pancake

*Graduation Day is Here

*Mr. Brown can Moo


Hannah is still working on her first book but she is really enjoying it. Mikayla flies through hers because they are much shorter.

I compiled the list from the Sonlight catalog and the Veritas catalog for their grade level and above.

Chad and I just finished reading them Heidi and have started reading to them at night Mr. Poppers Penguins. Last night, Hannah volunteered to read a whole chapter aloud....that made me so very happy!!!