Monday, December 21, 2009

Where did November Go? And how is it the end of December?

I can't believe I didn't post anything since the first of November. We were very busy with our regular school work and our different co-ops. I've been working hard to catch the girls up to their "grade level" in their LA and Math. They are doing well but since we started curriculum last March and started over it is going to take us a little bit to be on schedule where I would like them to be. We worked some through the summer as we will do this summer. I LOVE the curriculum we use, Christian Light. The girls are doing so well in it and learning things thoroughly!

We made our way through Canada in Galloping the Globe.
This is us making Maple "Moose"

We learned a good bit but I am tiring of the curriculum. (I'm a little ADD). We still have Central America, South America, Africa and Australia to go. I will probably slim this curriculum down a bit since we are doing Astronomy and I'd really like to start Latin with the girls after Christmas.

We plan to take about 4 weeks off. I am! During that time, I'll be planning, hopefully the rest of our school year.

During our off time, we will be playing, reading (quiet and aloud), making fun stuff and goofing off. Sometimes we need just plain ole goof off time. So that's what's planned.

Chad will be off for vacation and we are so excited!

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